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Are You Missing Teeth?

Do You Have Gaps Between Your Teeth?

Does Missing Teeth Make It Difficult to Eat?

Are You Missing Teeth?Do you have missing teeth? Do you see wide gaps or spaces between your teeth when you smile? Maybe you have to chew on one side of your mouth because you’re missing teeth. When one or two teeth are missing, the adjacent and opposing teeth will typically shift, even slightly. If you are missing a few teeth, regular daily activities like talking or eating can become very difficult.

Replacing your missing teeth can help you smile with confidence and chew better. Dr. Cangé has extensive training in tooth replacement therapies including dental implant treatments, porcelain bridges, as well as full and partial denture appliances.

If you have missing teeth, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cangé to discuss which tooth replacement options are best for your smile needs.